Sinners Bleed

I have been into tattoos as long as I can remember. I got my first tattoo back in 94, it was Mjolnir the hammer of Thor, got a werewolf done the next year, and in 97 I did a tattoo based on Paradise Lost logo Crown of thorns. Then I had a long break until 2004, when I started a coverup of the werewolf and to fill my left arm. The left arm is finished and at the moment my artist is working on my right sleeve in biomech/horror style. All new work on me is done by Hasse at No Fear Tattoo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

A couple of my tattoos…

The style I like is horror… and I am a big fan of the work from artists like Paul Booth, Robert Hernandez, Victor Portugal, Bob Tyrell and Left Hand Tattoo.

Check out Paul Booth and the rest of his crew at, and join the community if you are into dark tattoos and the maccabre.