Blotum – Eternal Despondency

Blotum från Kumla är ett riktigt bra band som jag inte hade koll på förrän idag då en polare tipsade, och samtidigt nämnde det tragiska i att sångaren tog livet av sig för två dagar sen.

Nedan kan ni läsa vad bandet skrev om det på Facebook.

Hi, Malte Bergman, the bassist in Blotum here.

We have some terrible news for you. Our singer and my brother and best friend Emil Wallberg, has passed away. He commited suicide at the morning of 8th of July the day after our last rehearsal.

After all this is done we will see what will happen to this band but I hope for the best, I really do. The music that my brother has written is something out of this world and most of you people have approved of this. We really would love to do the most of the hours of writing material we have but it will be very hard firstly because of the huge amount of effort that has come directly from Emil and secondly because of the personal issues that everyone in this band will have to attend to because of this incident.

We will for now record a song that he wrote with the title ”A Life in Solitude” without lyrics as a way of honoring his memory.

Rest in peace my beloved brother. I love you in a way that I probably never will love anyone ever again and I hope that you finally have found the peace that you deserve.

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