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Yesterday I saw a great movie at the Gothenburg film festival, Anvil! The story of Anvil. Very funny movie filled with lots of good music, now I have to find…


The Autumn has arrived and I celebrate it with the great score from the movie The Piano.

When It Hits Home

YES!! Sweden beat Belarus in their first game in the World Championships, I am not a hockeyjunkie or what it’s called but it’s always nice to drink beer and watch…

Stranger Aeons

I did a great find at the local video rental store (Yes, I still rent movies) some days ago, a collection of nine Dario Argento movies at a reasonable price….

Supposed to rot

I have always loved zombiemovies, I don’t know what it is about zombies, but they have always fascinated me. My favourite type is the slow moving, rotten one (Romero, Fulci-type)….