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Blessed Be

The mighty Nifelheim is playing at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg Sweden this friday (27th June). I haven’t seen them live before but I am sure they will deliver a…

Damn Deal Done

Love it or hate it seems to be the way people are responding to Nostradamus. I think it is great! Not as great as Painkiller but very good, and different….

Bringer Of Light

This is a tip I got from the great swedish blog ”I förbund med omoralen”, The man in black performing a song, written by another man in black… black magic.

Wolverine Blues

Today I got my order with the new album from Opeth delivered 🙂 The name of the creation is Watershed, and after the first listen I must say that it…

Addiction King

I’ve been listening to both albums (Evil never Dies & Hell on Earth) many times the last couple of hours and what can I say… more than that it is…