Bitter loss

Metaltown is over for this year and I had a great time. My brother came all the way from the north of Sweden to visit me and see some great…

Blessed Be

The mighty Nifelheim is playing at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg Sweden this friday (27th June). I haven’t seen them live before but I am sure they will deliver a…

Insanity’s Contagious

The American artist Ed Repka has done many cool album covers over the years. He has done amazing work for bands like Megadeth, Death, Nuclear Assault, Possessed, Venom, Toxic Holocaust,…

Damn Deal Done

Love it or hate it seems to be the way people are responding to Nostradamus. I think it is great! Not as great as Painkiller but very good, and different….

Bringer Of Light

This is a tip I got from the great swedish blog ”I förbund med omoralen”, The man in black performing a song, written by another man in black… black magic.