Damn Deal Done

Love it or hate it seems to be the way people are responding to Nostradamus. I think it is great! Not as great as Painkiller but very good, and different….

Bringer Of Light

This is a tip I got from the great swedish blog ”I förbund med omoralen”, The man in black performing a song, written by another man in black… black magic.

That’s When I Became A Satanist

How about a new amazing piece from Paul Booth, very impressive work is the least I can say. If you want to see more work from the master of dark…

In the Blood

An ordinary day at the office… hell no, it was a First aid course with people from The Swedish Red Cross. I can still smell the fake blood five hours…


Today it is ”National Day of Sweden” and what better way to salute my country than to play a classic album like Leprosy by Death and have some beers (+…